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Not sure if this where I should post this or even if anyone will see it but...

I'm trying to work with a few different versions and things that were made based on this.. now.. i'm having an annoying problem that I need some input on.
I can't seem to wrap my head around how the account and character info is created/saved and the files for them created. What I want to try to do is manage to get the dang info into readable txt files, but... not having any luck.

Ideas? Suggestions? Rotten tomatoes?
Sorry I'm late to reply,

Do you want to get in a chat with me and we can work it out? That should be pretty easy to do.
i'd appreciate any help at all with my project. I did finally get it to produce account files that i can open and read, but doing so has resulted in a lot of.. well fun hiccups lol

What's a good way to reach ya?
Facebook is good,

Or my google talk,


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