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[VB6/Custom] Siloman!

Siloman! is a very, very basic platformer that my team made in just 24(?) hours during a game jam session many years ago. Play as a little running man trying to collect points in order to proceed to the next randomly generated screen, but be sure not to fall to the bottom!

[Image: UQSA7df.png]

This isn't particular to Mirage, but it is the last project I worked on in VB6 many years ago. I do think I used Harold's DX8 class though... But the rest was made from scratch.



EDIT: My "To-Do" list for this project...
Siloman! Design Doc
That looks cool, I will try it out when I get home from work 8-)
I can assure you it'll be quite disappointing! lol :lol:
It was pretty nice, need more gameplay though, it was kinda short Tongue
Alright, just got back from a little vacation for the weekend, and I typed this up in my downtime. Here's my "To-Do" document for this project, while I revisit it and get familiar with VB6 and programming in general, having been away for nearly a decade now...

Siloman! Design Doc
You have a good plan already. Smile

Leonard Snart Wrote:There are only four rules you need to remember: make the plan, execute the plan, expect the plan to go off the rails, throw away the plan. Follow my lead and you'll be fine.

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