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What's everyone been up to? Pt.2!
Bored browsing and read through the old 'whats up?' thread. Ahh nostalgia.

So, its been 7 years since the last (as of the most recent backup/restore) thread. How has everyone been doing? I hope well!

I've uh... Well, 2012 was when I graduated highschool, so then there was 2 years of university (architecture/engineering) that I hated and then dropped out. Worked at a golf course for a couple months before having an internship at a sustainability green research place down in Austin, TX. That lasted only a few months as well, owner was some questionable ethics to me. Now I've been working at a land surveying firm for the last 4ish years, working on getting my professional license.

Got married a couple years back to my highschool sweet heart, we got a little house (actually, was her great grand-dad's house he built back in the '40s, newly rebuilt), new car, couple dogs and a cat. Roommate is an old friend of mine, we've been getting into shenanigans like making home made smoke bombs. Took a gunsmithing class out of interest at the local vo-tech. Started a company for producing airsoft events (that's a bit of an overstatement, we've only got one event, cause we are too lazy to put in the effort to produce more, but its pretty successful). Went back to college and got an Associates in land surveying.

(I should clarify, it's not all been easy and peachy. Money's been tight, the wife is still working on her Master's and can only work part time, and I've been helping get her through school. But we are making it, all bills are met and we've still got food, so it can't be too bad.)

I've gotten into D&D in the past year or two, that's been my big hobby thing for a while. I'm a terrible DM but it's still fun.

I don't think I've touched VB6 for anything related to MS since highschool, and I've only dabbled here and there with game dev in general. But I get the bug every once in a while.
Nice story, sounds like you have most things in life figured out ^^

To sum me up I've been working, partying, programming and wasting time. And 3 years ago I meet my girlfriend and we are getting married in August. And now I want to bring my old game back and port it to .NET. With the possibility of it becomming open source in the future.
Well, not much has changed in the 17 years since I first joined the Mirage Source community. Still messing around with games, although I realised I'd never actually release a game that was popular, or even had any players, I just do it because I enjoy messing around with game development stuff.

I joined the British Army in 2009, came out of basic, went back 6 years later, served 4 and 1/2 years as a Vehicle Mechanic, just got out, going back in reserves in a couple years after I've finished my bachelors degree in automotive technology, probably go back as an MP, something different.

Got married a year ago, got 4 kids, other than that, nothing worth writing a book about.

Got a few projects at the moment:

MirageSource 5 -
Packet byte array system, seamless scrolling maps, DirectX 8, MP3 and a few other bits. Has been released in VB6, currently working on a VB.NET version and C# version. Possibly will do a Python version if I can learn enough to do it.

Open source VB6 based partially text-based MUD engine.

I also run a rust server,

And I have a SAMP server in the works.
Hay all, nice to see the community having a kick of life again.

I am finishing up my PhD within Cyber Security, and just tinkering with research within this area. I am looking to get back into developing (although when I was younger I was extremely poor at it).
What kind of development are you looking to start Jack? What would you be interested in so maybe I can give some suggestions.
William Wrote:What kind of development are you looking to start Jack? What would you be interested in so maybe I can give some suggestions.

Honestly I want to return to some basics and try a new language and build up again. Im thinking C#. I spend about 90% of my time researching and writing around the security field. Currently i teach and program in php for secure web programming with codeigniter and laravel. However i want to go towards system programming and games dev.
Alright, in that case I would recommend Unity:

In Unity you program in C# and there are tons of youtube tutorials and assets (kinda like plugins) that can be included in a new project for free.

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